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Part 1 of “The Last Stop” is a memoir about losing a son, David, to heroin addiction and a window into the tragedy and impacts the opioid crisis and fentanyl deaths are having on families across America. Through David’s letters, intimate scenes of an addict's lifestyle are revealed in real, raw, and vivid detail. All facets of addiction are discussed, including how addiction turned David into a stranger who lied, manipulated, and denied his drug use for years. His mother’s mistakes and experiences include denial, enabling, learning to love with detachment, and the two-fold dilemma of grieving when addiction takes a child and then death. David passed away at the age of 39 following a debilitating infection caused by his drug use. “The Last Stop” is written to help other parents cope with an addicted loved one and to give hope for recovery. David was a philosopher and wanted to be a published author. Part 2 of The Last Stop is a collection of David's short stories, essays, and poetry.

  • Writen byPatricia Street