What is a Ferch Phrase?

What is a Ferch Phrase?

Ferch Phrases are searches that consist of a dropdown selection followed by a keyword and an optional dropdown selection. Sound complicated? It’s not. By creating Ferch Phrases on our website, we are allowing authors the ability to create and own those phrases for a set period. Best part? The phrases are limited to only 20 books.

My book is an adventure book about two people who fall in love. They travel to an exotic spot on the earth and end up finding a treasure map that leads them to buried treasure.
I pick "I Like Books That Are" from our prefix dropdown.
Then I type in my keyword "Adventurous"
The last dropdown (or suffix) I leave empty
So my Ferch Phrase is: "I Like Books That Are Adventurous"
Now, whenever a reader performs that Ferch Search, using that phrase, my book is going to come up with a maximum of 20 other books for that phrase. It will stay that way for a full year! Let's use our creativity

Let's use our creativity

What makes Bookhylla so powerful is that we can create unique Ferch Phrases that define our book and make it easy for readers to find the book. We can create phrases that tie movies to our book, for example.
My next Ferch Phrase is going to be set up so anyone that enjoys the movie National Treasure will find my book.
I pick "I Like The Movie" as my prefix.
Then I type in "National Treasure" as my keyword.
I'll leave the suffix (last dropdown) blank.
Now my Ferch Phrase is: "I like the movie National Treasures", anytime someone performs that Ferch Search my book will come up for a full year.
Now, Let's Get Crazy!

In my fictitious book, all my main character eats are Chicken Strips. He loves them. Even throughout the book, he suggests recipes and sauce suggestions.
First, I'll pick "I think" from the prefix dropdown.
Then I'll type in "Chicken Strips" for my keyword.
Finally, this time I'll pick a suffix from the dropdown. "are tasty/delicious."
Now my Ferch Phrase is "I think chicken strips are tasty/delicious."
So now any time a reader searches that phrase, my book will appear. What are the odds someone will search that, the internet produces some wild results. The advantage is that my book will show.

Remember, you can have as many Ferch Phrases as you’d like and let your creativity go wild.


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