14,051 Humor Books ahead of mine.

I finally got the courage to write the book. I had it professionally edited, including cover design, formatting, and the works. I went to Lulu.com and had them publish the book. Now I sit back and wait for the sales to come in to recoup some of my losses.

I wait. And wait. And wait. People who read the book tell me, write more! But how can I write more if I can’t break even on the first book?!

This is a problem. My name is Ray Ferch and before I became an unsuccessful writer, I started an internet travel business when the internet was invented back in the 90s. I’ll be honest, it was a success. Over 15 years thousands of hotels advertised and even more, vacationers used the website. When the opportunity presented itself to sell the company, the offer was too good. I decided to sell and do other fun things in life, like raising a family.

It wasn’t until one day I was stressed out about life and decided to write a short story. It made people laugh and once I got started on my first book, I was hooked.The fun part is writing. The incredible frustration is the selling. My book is number 14,051 currently in Amazon books. How in the world will anyone find it?!

I have an idea. Let’s try starting over. No one says we can’t start a new website dedicated to finding books better. That’s what Bookhylla is all about. It’s going to give a fresh opportunity for authors to advertise more precisely to their readers. When readers find out how easy and accurate Bookhylla is going to be, they’ll keep coming back.I can’t get started without authors like yourself. I’m not asking for money or favors. I’m offering an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something I believe will be big.

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