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Award winning novel, Unforgettable Nights is a story of friendships, a fake date, trust, heartbreak, and everlasting love. Blake struggles to move on from the love he's held onto for his best friend, now that she's happy and in love with someone else. After an unexpected date, he finally thinks he's found the girl who he believes has changed everything for him in Liz. He tries to find a balance between doing what's right, finding his own path and his intense need to always protect the people he loves. He finally believes he's ready to move on, but the past and issues of trust stand in his way. Elizabeth has a hard time opening herself up to people due to situations from her past, especially when it comes to the men she dates. It doesn't help that her mom has a specific ideal for her to follow. Then, on one unforgettable night, surprising even herself, Liz steps out of her comfort zone and meets Blake. She enjoys spending time with him, but she holds herself back, fearing the past will repeat itself. Has Blake finally found the girl he's been looking for in Elizabeth? Someone willing to stand by him for more than friendship? Or do issues from her past haunt her too much for her to put her trust in Blake? Will they be able to find their happily ever after together? Grab your copy of Unforgettable Nights and find out! Each book in The Unforgettable Series is a stand-alone novel, but better read in order.

  • Writen byNikki Lamers