Bookhylla List - I hate movies that are drastically different from the book. 

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All beginnings have an ending, but some endings bring beginnings. New York princess and Harvard MBA grad Jazmine stands in a small drab rental home in rural Wyoming. The letter she holds can’t be real. He’s gone? He dumped her? The love of her life she came to this foreign land to be with, has abandoned her. A place where everyone drives pickups, wears flannel shirts, cowboy boots, and what’s with the hats. Jazmin’s life hasn’t been the dream they promised her. Born to an affluent New York family with a diamond-encrusted golden spoon in her mouth, her mother died when she was five, and her father was financially ruined and went to prison when she was twelve. Having to leave her private schools and mansions behind, she grew up in foster care, a ward of the state. Now, as she thought happiness was within her grasp, life has yanked her dreams away, again. Not able to take anymore, she withdraws in depression and self-loathing, knowing she must be unlovable. Dragged from her despair by an incessant knocking at the door, she opens it to find a local, complete with cowboy hat, and his monstrosity of a truck parked out front. Life is about to float another dream of happiness at Jazmine. Will it be another mirage which evaporates like a puff of smoke, or the beginning of the life she always dreamed of and more? She must risk her badly abused heart to find out.

  • Writen byCraig Hastings