Bookhylla List - I like books that are religious 


It’s 1980 and 12-year-old Harry lives in the small and tranquil Midwest community of Indiantown. While it isn’t the most exciting place in the world, it is all he’s ever known and the center of his universe. Things change one morning, when Harry wakes up and is excited at the prospect of the new Hardees fast food restaurant opening later that day. He pesters his parents to allow him to go and that first visit precipitates a lifelong love affair with unhealthy food choices, eventually resulting in an early death. Sound terrible? It was, but unbeknown to Harry, high above him in the clouds two angels are playing chess and discussing who they have been assigned to guard. Harry’s disappointing life story compels his angel, Michael, to bend the rules of intervention ever so slightly, in a bid to change his course and give him a life that is filled with meaning and better choices. But how many times must a Guardian Angel intervene in a young boy’s life to steer him onto the right path. Michael may lose count before the end but he’s determined to keep trying. But What If Harry takes a light-hearted look at what life was like for a young boy growing up in the 1980s and is packed with nostalgia that many will enjoy revisiting.

  • Writen byRay Ferch