Bookhylla List - I like monty python 


In the year 528 AD, the little walled town of Blueburrie is a happy place, filled with happy residents who enjoy the protection of the wall that surrounds it and The Queen Mary who rules over them. While The Queen Mary has well intentions, she is somewhat arrogant as many rulers can be, while suffering from a debilitating paranoia that often lands some of her subjects in trouble. Among the inhabitants is Ray, a tap dancer who just wants to please people with his skills, and his friend Flounder, who is always on hand to help him through a sticky situation. But when Ray has the temerity to fail to practice enough for The Queen Mary’s ball and his performance at the Town Hall doesn’t go as well as planned, he and Flounder are flung into the dungeons, where they are to be left to rot for 240 months. Deciding that the town dungeons aren’t the place they want to spend the next two decades, the friends hatch a plan to escape their confines and find a new place to live their lives. But without his tap shoes to make a living and not much wit between them, Ray and Flounder will have to rely on a new set of friends and allies who are all looking for something different. Can they find a way out of the castle prison? And if they do what is waiting for them in the wider world beyond Blueburrie?

  • Writen byRay Ferch