PPC hurt me as an author

Have you recently been looking to drive more traffic to your website to increase sales? Numerous websites will allow you to pay for "clicks" which should be equal to actual people interested in your books. The issue is that these "clicks" may not be human at all.

If the service is promising "real" human traffic and you decide to invest in their basic plan, you may figure, "What do I have to lose?"

In our case, we are cautious with these services. Typically we will invest in the basic plan and see what type of results we get. Low-cost plans can start at a mere $10, so my thought process was if 300 people visit Amazon to buy my book through this ad campaign and two people buy the book, I'm ahead. Easy right?

After the campaign runs, no one buys the book. Granted, it could be targeted to the incorrect people, the clicks might not be legit, or maybe the worst case scenario, I am a bad writer.

What is different about our service? First off, you don't pay for clicks. Right now, you don't pay for anything as we build our search engine. Instead, you reserve Ferch Phrases that allow people to find your books. If two people search for that phrase in a week or two thousand search for that phrase, it costs nothing.

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