Hashbrown or my Book?

I went to Mcdonald's the other day for breakfast and I ordered a coffee, sausage McMuffin and hashbrown. I looked at the receipt and the hashbrown was more than what I charged for my book. The book took me months to write and costs thousands of dollars to edit and self-publish. All that work for less than the cost of a crispy salty crunchy breakfast add-on I probably didn’t need. Unlike my Mcdonald's hashbrown, my book isn’t necessarily bad for you. Yet, it got me thinking. Why am I charging $1.99 on Amazon for my book?

It all started after I released my first book. Word of mouth amongst friends, all curious to read what I wrote, bought the book at the full price of $14.95. Sales were great, and then once the allure of curiosity wore off, sales stopped.

So, I lowered the price, and nothing happened. A few months went by and I eventually lowered the price of the e-book to a mere $1.99, or hashbrown level as I like to call it. The problem is not the price. The problem is that no one can find my book.

Take the pledge, don’t lower the price of your book. Add your books to a better search engine, like Bookhylla, and get better exposure. People will pay for the book even if it costs $14.95 or slightly more than a large value meal at Mcdonald's!

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