Robots, AI and more.

Robots, AI and more. There is no getting around the fact that the internet is driven by traffic that isn’t always human. In a claim by Cyabra — in the company's first public interview since conducting a study commissioned by Musk that found spam and bot accounts make up an estimated 11% of Twitter's total user base alone.

That is Twitter alone. How much bot traffic is reaching our websites, Facebook posts, Linkedin, etc. Bots aren’t scary, except when you pay for each impression they consume. When setting up an advertising budget, we would notice that a large portion of our “users” that visited the website would only stay for a mere six to ten seconds and have a 90% bounce rate.

We’re not looking to cure the internet of bots. We just have decided we’re not going to punish our authors for the bot’s behavior.

When authors add their books to our web search, they create what is known as Ferch Phrases. Once you register that Ferch Phrase, it’s yours. If 1,000 bots search for that phrase and your book is displayed, you don’t pay a thing.

Bot are no concern here

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