Nobody Reads

Nobody Reads Anymore

I’m honestly surprised if you take the time to read this. With so many other media outlets to choose from, why read? Especially a book that may contain over 100 pages!

This is a problem that needs to be solved if authors are going to sell books. How can promote reading in a society surrounded by tweets, tiktoks, texts, and more?

We can start by starting something new. We are currently developing an algorithm to link YOUR books to things people like. These keywords will be a crucial part of how people begin to read and buy your book.

I just watched “Madmen” on Netflix. What books are related?

Potential Readers

Our search is only related to our author’s books.

We won’t just search titles. We are letting you build a keyword bucket that relates to things your book is about.


Join for Free - and Join Early. We are starting something new, and authors who believe in us will be rewarded with priority in the future.